# Onboarding


Even if you've already purchased EasyMobile on Smaregi App Market, you will still have to go through this process before you can use it.

# Required Form

# Overview Onboarding Process

  1. First, we require a submission of the onboarding form

  2. Once you've contacted us, we will get back to you asap and ask for the required assets

  3. After receiving all the necessary files, we will prepare mockups (3 business days)

  4. Afterwards we'll mail the mockups for approval confirmation and if no changes are requested,

  5. Start development of the application (5 business days)

  6. You'll be contacted with a link to test a beta version of the mobile application for final approval

  7. If there are no requests for changes, you'll need to:

    • Install EasyMobile on Smaregi App Market and select the appropriate payment plan
    • After payment confirmation, we'll apply for the Apple Store & Google Play Store listing

    (This process may take up to 4 weeks)

  8. Once approved on both iOS and Android then your mobile app will be ready to use

# Required Branding

The following list of files are required to start the mobile application development. We'll use these assets to give EasyMobile a personal touch.

    ① Shop Name
    ② Shop Logo
    (Recommended 1024px by 1024px)

③ Background Image at login screen
(Recommended 1440px by 1024px)

④ Alternative logo with Shop Name
(Recommended 1024px by 341px)